Tech Tip Tuesday - Blanket Reserve

Tech Tip Tuesday – Blanket Reserves

Aurora Library Management System has so many useful tools to support their Libraries that it can be hard to showcase all of its features. Tech Tips Tuesdays is designed to showcase some features big and small that may not have been seen yet.

Do you ever have a Library Patron who wants to reserve a title but they don’t care what format it’s in? Regular print, Large Print, Audiobook it doesn’t matter they just want whatever one comes in first?

Blanket Reserves are designed just for this situation.

  • Place a Reserve for the Patron on each of the different works with different formats.
  • Navigate to User links – Reservations – tick the reserves you want to link together and click the blanket reserve button.
  • The first item returned fulfills any of the reserves causes the other linked ‘Blanket’ reservations to be deleted for that borrower.

This enables an operator to place reserves on a large print, adult fiction and YA fiction of the same work for example, and the user will only receive one of these copies.

Blanket reserves - User Links
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