Bookings Module – New Feature

Booking - Montage view

An exciting new module, Bookings has been added to allow for the booking of works for a specific period in the future.

This functionality has been developed in conjunction with The Queensland Museum Network for the booking and loan of Museum kits, sets, artefacts, and specimens. The Bookings module has been designed to be flexible and will be useful in any circumstance where resources are required to be loaned for a specific period in the future such as ‘Save Power Kits’ or other works of all types.

The bookings are associated with subscriptions, and these can be created and maintained in a new tab on the List of Works screen.

Users can place bookings via Montage where a new tab shows available days in green and unavailable days that are linked to the closed days function, in grey.

  • Once a booking is placed a user can see their bookings in the members area.

Staff can maintain the bookings and loan them for the length of the booking period from the Bookings screen.

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