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Aurora Montage

Aurora Montage provides the ability to search across the entire library collection and return the results in groups of their respective formats. Integrating eBooks, external databases, Image collections, oral histories, and other non-traditional collections with the main collection, yet keeping them separated for easy browsing. This is how montage produces a natural and intuitive user experience. With one search the user becomes aware if there are books, maps, toys and more in the library collection that relate to the search term/s used.

Whether it is a desktop, tablet or mobile, responsive web design utilises the full screen width giving Montage a fresh look with adequate white space for reading. Able to display photographs and other images in a gallery view, Montage allows the library to create online exhibitions. Users can also stream music, video, and voice directly from Montage via our inbuilt media player. Social media and sharing devices are included and a simple moderated reviewing process allows authenticated users to add reviews or comments. The members section allows a user to manage their account in real time and pay fines from home while protected by the Aurora Web Service, an extra layer of security for sensitive data. A user may log in with their library barcode or alternatively an alias may be chosen that is easier to remember.

Montage a fun and attractive solution for any library.

Aurora Geo

Aurora Geo is a fun, interactive search tool that links geographic locations to the settings of your works. The brightly coloured interface is great for engaging children and informing them of the world of diversity available in your collection. Aurora Geo links directly to your catalogue and selecting a country or state will display works that are set in that location. Any location that does not have a match are not selectable and locations that can't be mapped are displayed in the side menu for selection. The interface is fully responsive and built for touch screen. The vector graphics cater for large in library displays as well as home use.

Zooming in to Australia, the United States of America, or Canada allow the user to search at the state level providing some local granularity. This can be done by pinching with fingers on a touch screen or via the mouse wheel when using a conventional monitor. The search process utilises the Aurora secure web API over encrypted HTTPS and search filters can be applied to only provide results from specific collections if desired.

Aurora Geo is a great introduction to the world in your library.

Aurora Concierge

An elegant web based circulation module designed for the librarian on the go. Aurora Concierge is due to be launched in 2017 and will become the new standard in LMS staff applications. Simplicity is the key and AIT have created a clean look to compliment Aurora Montage and eventually replace Aurora Desktop. Utilising the latest technologies Aurora Concierge builds on the smarts of the Aurora Web Service to give the operator a fast and secure online and offline experience.

Aurora Desktop

Aurora Desktop provides a single consolidated environment for all staff functions including circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, interlibrary loans, homebound, system management and offline. Designed to be run via the internet, this responsive, intuitive, and powerful application is suited to cloud based or in-house computing. Whether your library service is based on a single site, has widely distributed branches, or is part of a consortium, Aurora Desktop facilitates unified library management and the additional benefits that result; improved public access, flexible and intelligent stock management, HTML email & SMS notices, and greater administrative control.

Aurora Desktop is designed using .Net technologies and is offered as a locally installed or hosted system. In a locally hosted implementation, the local systems administrator has control over the system, with an extensive range of parameters to define user types, item formats, locations/collections, etc. and their interactions, e.g. loans, reservations, and other access. With hosted systems, we take the pressure off your IT staff and deliver fast and efficient data storage and backup with no down time. With our hosted package, AIT provides all technical support and system maintenance. AIT will liaise with your library to select the best hosted service available, and this will be monitored to ensure cost-effectiveness.

Aurora Payment Portal

The Aurora Payment Portal allows customers to pay off their charges by using their credit card. It runs on a secure web site with an interface to the Australia Post owned SecurePay payment facility (https://www.securepay.com.au). No customer information is passed in the URL when charges are paid. Once an Aurora Payment Portal licence is obtained and SecurePay account is created your library, staff can then begin to accept customer payments. The Aurora Payment Portal will be available in Aurora Montage very soon and the public will be able to pay their charges online via SecurePay. Order the Portal now, setup a SecurePay account linked to your organisation’s bank to accept payments into a library account and the library can be receiving revenue this way from early in the New Year.